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Consultation Services

Jordan Whitney has provided consultation services relating to the development of direct response television projects for some of the biggest names in the industry.  The company has over 15 years experience in direct response television.   


Jordan Whitney’s consulting services include the following:


Category Specific Report

Jordan Whitney provides category-specific reports providing background and data pertaining to the most significant infomercials and/or short form spots in a given product category.  This type of report is most often used for pre-production research about a product type or category and script development.  The report includes:

  1. A written report reviewing the history of the category, products and offers which have appeared.
  2. Description and rating (on a five point scale) of some of the most successful and least successful shows in the category.
  3. VHS or DVD copies of the most significant infomercials and or spots in the category (usually 10 to 12).
  4. Copies of Greensheet reviews including “Bottom Line” analysis of the most significant infomercials or spots in the category.


Product Review and Creative Analysis

This type of consultation is usually sought when a particular project is being considered and a product has been selected.  The product review and analysis can be of great benefit in the formulation of a concept, construction of the offer, script outline and show format.  The analysis includes:

  1. Critique and review of preliminary materials provided by the client which may include actual product or product descriptions and drawings, concept statements, script treatments or outlines, other materials as deemed appropriate.
  2. Historical review of other infomercials and/or short-form spots pertinent to the product accompanied by VHS tape copies of each and copies of reviews from the Greensheet.
  3. Written creative input statement regarding concept development, suggestions for possible show formats, construction of the offer.
  4. Telephone conference after the materials are received.
  5. Recommendations of talent, production companies, media buyers, fulfillment houses and other affiliated services as appropriate.


Additional Services

Jordan Whitney will also review draft scripts, providing page-by-page annotations, review final scripts and off-line or on-line edits. 


Cost of Services

Consultation packages can be customized to meet the needs of any project.  Consulting costs vary depending upon the breadth of the project.  Please contact our office for details.