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Today is Sunday, May 19, 2019

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Weekly Report with DVDs

This option sends the Weekly Report with DVD copies of the eight new infomercials reviewed for the week and all the new short-form spots on two DVDs.

Price: $250.00  per week, four week minimum

Shipping/ Handling: $25.00


Total: $275.00

Download a Sample

Download a sample .pdf

Weekly Report w/DVDs 6 mo. Prepaid

26 issues of Weekly Reports w/10% discount (See description under Weekly Report without DVDs.)

Price: $5,850.00  for 26 weeks

Shipping/ Handling: $520.00


Total: $6,370.00

Weekly Report w/DVDs 1 year prepaid

52 issues of Weekly Report with DVD copies of new infomericals and new spots each week w/ 15% discount

Price: $11,050.00  for 52 weeks

Shipping/ Handling: $1,300.00


Total: $12,350.00

Infomercials Airings Charts

Infomercial Airings Charts are available by subscription on our website in .pdf format. Each .pdf file contains one day's airings on over 60 Channels in half hour blocks. Ongoing subscribers may subscribe to Airings Charts at half price ($50 per week - minimum one month).

Price: $100.00  One week's airings (one month minimum subscription)

Specify time period desired 


Total: $100.00

Electronic Reports

Our Monthly and Weekly Reports are available via electronic delivery. DVDs can be sent separately. Discounts available for 6 month and one-year subscriptions.

Price: $300.00 


Total: $300.00