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Weekly Report - No DVDs

The weekly Greensheet Report averages over 75 pages of single-spaced data. The analytical infomercial and short-form commentaries describe show formats, products, price points, payment options, types of demonstrations, sets and graphics, and lists performers and/or spokespersons and production/ distribution companies for each new infomercial where available. Each Report includes the Top 75 Infomercial weekly rankings chart (based upon media budgets) for infomercials, the Top 75 Traditional Direct Response Spots weekly rankings, the Top 25 Market Specific Spot Rankings, and a once-monthly Top 100 Infomercial Rankings (by media and frequency) and once-monthly Top 100 Spot Rankings. Each report also contains an ongoing list of frequently seen infomercials and spots, and the 20 Top Short-Form retail rankings. Expedited shipping available for additional s/h fee.

Price: $200.00  per week, four week minimum

Shipping/ Handling: $20.00


Total: $220.00

Weekly Report no DVDs 6 mo. prepaid

26 issues w/ 10% discount

Price: $4,680.00  for 26 weeks

Shipping/ Handling: $520.00


Total: $5,200.00

Weekly Report no DVDs 1 year prepaid

52 issues w/ 15% discount

Price: $8,840.00  for 52 weeks

Shipping/ Handling: $1,040.00


Total: $9,880.00

Weekly Rankings Only

Send subscribers Top Infomercial and Top Short-form rankings, and Top Retail rankings by email each week. minimum 4 weeks

Price: $400.00 


Total: $400.00