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2001-2009 Top 100 Infomercials/Spots Listing

Lists include the Top Infomercials or Short-form DRTV spots for each of the years noted.

Price: $50.00  $50 for each year requested - no s/h if sent electronically

Please Specify year(s) requested (Be sure to CHANGE the Quantity before adding to cart) 


Total: $50.00

1994 - 2000 Archival Annual Reports

Greensheet Annual Reviews/Archival Reports. These 100 plus-page publications contain Annual Top Rankings for Short- and Long-form, Greensheet Awards, Trends and Research and a capsulized list of all new infomercials from the year.

Price: $150.00  each

Shipping/ Handling: $15.00

Specify years requested (Be sure to CHANGE the Quantity before adding to cart) 


Total: $165.00

1994-2000 Top Annual Infomercials/Short-form spots

Lists of the Top Ranking productions for each year in each category (number ranked vary by year)

Price: $50.00  per list

Please indicate year(s) requested and whether long or short-form 


Total: $50.00

Performance Evaluation Profile (PEP)

Performance Evaluation Profiles (PEP) are Excel spread sheets which show the comparative ranking of a product over the course of a year. These indicate the comparative strength of one or more products on the JW rankings charts during a year. The PEP tracks both the weekly standing and the monthly standing of each product and a final total of equivalent points (based on the actual ranking). The charge is $250.00 per product per year, and the charts can also compare different years to one another for the same or different products. This can be done for short- or long-form going back to 2000.

Price: $250.00  per product per year

Shipping/ Handling: $5.00


Total: $255.00