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Short Form Category Rankings

Category rankings for the month of January 2016

Personal Care Short Form Category Rankings — Thursday, January 28, 2016


Copper Fit Visit on the web 

Compression garment


Tommie Copper 

Compression wear


Be Active Brace 

Accupressure brace


Night View 

Night vision glasses



Dental flosser


Foot Angel Visit on the web 

Compression foot sleeve


HD Vision Visit on the web 

Night driving glasses


MSA 30X 

Sound amplifying earpiece


Big Vision Visit on the web 

Magnifying eyewear

Housewares Short Form Category Rankings — Thursday, January 28, 2016


Lazer Bond USA Visit on the web 

Fast drying adhesive


5 Second Fix  Visit on the web 

Repair tool


Dutch Glow Cleaning Tonic 

Household cleaner


Flex Seal 

Spray sealant


My Pillow 



Furniture Feet  Visit on the web 

Furniture leg covers


Snackeez Visit on the web 

Cup holding both drink and snack


Snuggle Up Fleece  

Recliner cover


Wipe New Rust-oleum Recolor  

Clear polish coating


Gotham Steel  Visit on the web 

Non-stick cookware