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Short Form Category Rankings

Category rankings for the month of May 2016

Beauty Short Form Category Rankings — Thursday, May 26, 2016


Proactiv Solution Visit on the web 

Acne treatment system from Guthy-Renker


Simply Straight  Visit on the web 

Hair straightening brush


MicroTouch Tough Blade Visit on the web 

Men's razor


Meaningful Beauty Visit on the web 

Skin care system


Roto Clipper 

Nail trimmer


X-Out Visit on the web 

One-step acne treatment


Ped Egg Powerball  Visit on the web 

Callus remover


No Tangle Brush Visit on the web 

Detangling brush


Finishing Touch Visit on the web 

Lighted hair removal tool


InStyler Visit on the web 

Hair styler

Housewares Short Form Category Rankings — Thursday, May 26, 2016


My Pillow 



Gotham Steel  Visit on the web 

Non-stick cookware


Red Copper Pan  Visit on the web 

Kitchen pan


Flex Seal Liquid  

Liquid rubber sealant



Bathroom restorer formula


Pocket Hose Top Brass Visit on the web 

expandable hose


Wipe New Rust-oleum Recolor  

Clear polish coating


5 Second Fix  Visit on the web 

Repair tool


Hydro Mousse 

Foaming grass seed


Slice Right  

Watermelon slicer

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